We are a Mexican company with more than 30 years in the national and international market.

As the trading arm of PINSA group, we distribute and commercialize preserved and frozen tuna products, as well as preserved sardines.

Our solid infrastructure allows us to have a highly qualified team, focused on consolidating our leadership in the market and the positioning of our brands.

We cover the whole national market with a wide distribution on the main channels ( supermakets, wholesale trade, convenience stores) and our service allows us to have excellent commercial relationships with our clients.



Innovate building leading brands with an excellence team committed with results, focused on satisfying clients and consumers´ needs.


Feeding with superior quality for a better tomorrow

Moral Standards

⦁ Excellence
⦁ Teamwork
⦁ Passion
⦁ Integrity


As leaders of the category we know that as small as our actions might be they have great impact in the world. Commercializing quality products is our business, but through each one of our acts we reaffirm our commitment with the more than 5,000 workers with the group, our clients and providers, our millions of consumers, society and the planet.

We keep doubling efforts, focusing on maintaining the rhythm, enthusiasm and commitment so that Pinsa Comercial keeps being an example of a company and a link that produces confidence and value through actions such as:

  • Sponsorship of events that promote physical health.
  • Organ donation lectures.
  • Campaigns against cancer
  • Voluntary work
  • Donations in kind



As leaders of our category we know that as small as our shares might be they have great impact in the world. Commercializing quality products is our business but through each one of our shares we reaffirm our commitment with the more than 5,000 workers with the group, our clients and providers, our millions of consumers, society and the planet.


For five consecutive years, we have been a company that creates value, we influence every space we develop in positively.


Dolores was recognized in 2017 with the Best billboard & Out of Home campaign within the food industry. (Mexican Association of Exterior Publicity)


Acknowledging the established quality standards, we received the National Agro-alimentary Award (PNA), utmost award in the food industry.


In 2017 we were included within the 16 most innovative corporations.


For five consecutive years, Atún Dolores has been recognized as the most “Trusted Brand” awarded by Reader’s Digest.


The Mexican Association for Packaging, in 2015 recognizes our CupCan with the “security” and “innovation” award and as the winner Iin the food category.


We are very proud to be placed at the ranking position #29 of the 40 corporations with the best jobs, looking out for the wellbeing of our partners.


We place on the #234 position from the 500 most important companies in Mexico, generated by the Expansion MAGAZINE business.


Being leaders within the national field in the Tuna and Sardine categories, PINSA Comercial has 4 main brands to satisfy different consumers and with a great variety of products to cover different consumption moments.



Is the brand that through leadership for innovation, communication and sales growth, generates greater value for clients and consumers. Besides having an extensive portfolio of products with better quality for different consumption occasions, it is a recognized brand with the majority part of the Mexican Republic and one that has presence within other countries in America.

El Dorado

Is the brand with the best quality-price ratio within the company, which turns it into a preferred brand for those who look after their economy, being mostly relevant in the southeast region of the country.


A brand with great tradition, with consumption inherited for its consistent quality and authentic Pacific region origin where it possesses solid leadership that starts expanding to other territories within the country because of its legacy of trust, closeness with the consumer and average price.



Keeps breaking patterns, introducing fresher options in the category with ITS frozen products line and a wide portfolio that today ranges from meat medallions and patties to small cubes and minced tuna meat, that can be found on all NATIONAL SUPERMARKET CHAINS



With a recent incursion in the Sardine category since 2016 Dolores participates in this category with products of great quality, from the traditional 425g oval-shaped can to the 120g Gourmet Sardines can, by Dolores Select brand, for different consumption moments.


A brand of great tradition with a more convenient price, but with great quality, Portola is launched to serve different channels and consumers in the national market.


At PINSA COMERCIAL, we believe in the talent that forms our business and because of that we promote the balance between work and family life, the dignity of people through fair and equal treatment. We invest in health care, training, security and we aim to have a good work environment.

For PINSA COMERCIAL people are what’s most important because thanks to their delivery and commitment we reach quality and efficiency for each process.

Job Pool

At PINSA we seek talent that’s looking to become part of an excellenT team, working with our wide portfolio of leading brands in the tuna INDUSTRY. Grow in a leadership environment, with partners of the highest professional level. If you wish to be part of our vision about nourishing superior quality for a better tomorrow. Share your information with us on the text form.

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